Insolvency: A Different Approach

One of the challenges of working within the insolvency industry is that clients are often contacting Leading UK having found themselves in a financially distressed position. At Leading UK, we avoid defaulting to the old-fashioned, formal approach that many Licensed Insolvency Practitioners take with their clients. Instead, we prefer to treat our clients with empathy, understanding the impact that a negative financial situation can have on a person’s life.

In contrast to many other insolvency practitioners, we tailor our services to our clients. For example, many of our clients face difficulties in committing to meetings and phone calls during the working day so to accommodate their needs, we are happy to arrange appointments in the evening and at the weekend.

My Philosophy: Innovative, Intelligent Insolvency

We work with all of our clients in a way that is transparent, honest and ethical. We believe in ensuring our clients are always fully informed in order for them to make decisions based on facts.

We promise to treat our clients fairly and aim to exceed their expectations by delivering a quality service that achieves the best possible outcome for that individual or business


Business Consultation

At Leading UK, we recognise that whilst business owners are generally highly skilled in their own field, they can often can struggle when it comes to navigating the complex world of financial and business management. Having worked in the insolvency and business rescue industry for over 18 years, it is very easy to spot a business owner or individual who has started to experience the warning signs of insolvency.

Through our proactive approach, we are able to work with clients to help them get back on track before major problems occur. As well as working with clients who are heading towards an insolvent position, we also use our experience to help startup’s and new business owners to get their business off to a great start, avoiding common pitfalls and staying ahead of relevant legislation and laws that may affect them.